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Mosaics, bas-relief, and inlays are the historical memory of that which humanity was able to pass on even from ancient times, and they make up some of the countless decorative approaches that came to architecture from the world of marble. This engraved marbles fits into this panorama with a unique approach, perhaps the most enchanting, represented by graphics, with its formal richness, using the etching technique: a chemical engraving that uncovers the uncertain strokes and lines that the corrosion exerts on marble. The acid etched was known to the Arabs since the Middle Ages but wasn't realized in its artistic fullness. Readapted to the current needs of the time, this form allows us to convey, through imagination and manual skill, completely original decorative forms, unique and unmistakable. This creation, inspired by ancient monumental constructions, as well as by famous works of art, is characterized by an essentially traditional style and is designed completely by hand, as was done in the old art workshops during the Italian Renaissance.

Engraved Marble    Engraved Marble    Engraved Marble    Engraved Marble   
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